Plastic Pallet

Since Sanko introduced plastic injection pallets into the Japanese market in 1970 for the first time, we have been continuously introducing epoch-making plastic pallet into Japanese market, by developing our technology and by investing new facilities. Plastic pallet contributes to make work place safer and more hygiene, and to reduce the total cost.

Export/ Cargo Pallet

Export/Cargo pallet are mainly used in one way application, it is commonly referred to as recycled plastic pallet, export pallet or one way pallet. These plastic pallets is develop to transport your product at low cost and popular for export purpose.

Warehouse Pallet

Warehouse pallet mainly used in warehouse centre with racking system. The plastic pallet is inject by using 100% virgin material, and commonly use in racking system. The plastic pallet provide longer life span and durability with lower cost compare to wooden pallet in the long term operation.

Storage Pallet

Storage pallet mainly used in simple warehouse storage without racking system. The pallet is suitable for light duty and use store the stuff on the floor.

Why Plastic Pallet


Strong durability and do not corrode. It is washable and does not generate fungus and bacteria.

Excellent Safety

Different from wooden pallet, no prickle nor burr, so no damaged of loaded cargo.


Lighter than wooden pallet. Everyone can carry it and it improves labor works.

Low Cost

Durable and resistant to water and chemical. Due to long span, the total cost is lower than the cost of the wooden pallet.


All plastic pallets are recyclable. It’s very environmentally friendly.

High Quality & High Accuracy

It is manufactured under severe quality control. It is high accuracy and uniform in dimension and quality.

Not slippery

Grommets are allocated at all points as slip stopper.