Plastics Container


Sanko Plastics is the pioneer create plastic container in Toyota plastic Box project in past 40 years. So, this series plastics container is giving the Name TP box.  This plastics container commonly use in Automotive industrial plastics container. The special of this container is can stack each in different TP box size.


SN container – The Stacking and Nesting Container (SN Container) is one of SANKO’s flagship products. With a different shade of color on each half of the container for easy coordination to either stack or nest the containers, the SN Container helps boost on-site productivity, and allows easier storage thanks to its stacking and nesting feature. The SN Container also comes in a wide assortment of customizable colors so brands can color coordinate with their respective brand’s color palette.


Sancret is the plastic container design for security purpose and commonly use in distribution center. The plastic container is create by full virgin PP material which applicable on food industry as well. 


Santainer – Sanko Container so we short form this container name to Santainer and best seller in Japan for agriculture heavy duty plastics container.


Sanbox – mean Sanko Plastic Box. This type container is design in all flat surface in several size. This container is more efficient in stacking. In Japan this type Plastic container is used for replace paper box for returnable delivery.


Oricon – Oicon mean foldable Container, SANKO’s Oricon Series container was inspired by the art of paper folding and its versatility. Alongside it’s durability and outstanding performance, SANKO’s Oricon Series container can be folded in the blink of an eye, allowing quick & easy storage when not in use.


ESD box – Antistatic container. Sanko Plastic have many different type of container that make by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection Material.


Banju – meaning food container in Japanese. Normally we call it Bakery plastics tray. 50 years before this banjo is make by wood and Sanko is the first in the world to make it in Plastics.